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The Hands that paid the Price

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A small orphaned boy lived with his grandmother. One night their home caught fire. The grandmother, trying to rescue the little boy asleep upstairs, perished in the smoke and flames. A crowd gathered around the burning house. The boy's cries for help were heard above the crackling of the blaze. No one seemed to know what to do, for the front of the house was a mass of flames.

Suddenly a stranger rushed from the crowd and circled to the back where he spotted an iron pipe that reached an upstairs window. He disappeared for a minute, then reappeared with the boy in his arms. Amid the cheers of the crowd, he climbed down the hot pipe as the boy hung around his neck.
Weeks later a public hearing was held in the town hall to determine in whose custody the boy would be placed.

Each person wanting the boy was allowed to speak briefly. The first man said,
"I have a big farm. Everybody needs the out-of-doors."
The second man told of the advantages he could provide.
"I'm a teacher. I have a large library. He would get a good education."
Others spoke.

Finally, the richest man in the community said, "I'm wealthy. I could give everything mentioned tonight: farm, education, and more, including money and travel. I'd like him in my home."

The chairman asked, "Anyone else like to say a word?"
From the backseat rose a stranger who had slipped in unnoticed. As he walked toward the front, deep suffering showed on his face. Reaching the front of the room, he stood directly in front of the little boy. Slowly the stranger removed his hands from his pocket. A gasp went up from the crowd. The little boy, whose eyes had been focused on the floor until now, looked up. The man's hands were terribly scarred.

Suddenly, the boy emitted a cry of recognition. Here was the man who had saved his life. His hands were scarred from climbing up and down the hot pipe. With a leap the boy threw himself around the stranger's neck and held on for life.

The farmer rose and left. The teacher, too. Then the rich man. Everyone departed, leaving the boy and his rescuer who had won him without a word. Those marred hands spoke more effectively than any words.

May I ask you a simple question? There are many religions in the world, right? Which of the founders of all these religions suffered and sacrificed his life so that YOU can have eternal life?

None, except Jesus Christ. The hands and the feet of Jesus Christ still bear the mark of the nails that crucified Him for your sin.

Pray now, ask Jesus to forgive your sins and save your soul. Then, contact us for further information.

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