Saturday, 20 July 2024

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One of the great challenges facing the Body of Christ in this generation is the infestation of spiritual offices by men and women who are spiritual babes. The worldlier the Church becomes, the more it uses carnal parameters to promote and appoint people to occupy spiritual positions.


In Matt. 6: 47 – 49, the Lord told us the parable of two builders. One was wise, he built his house on a solid foundation, while the other was foolish, and he built his house without foundation. One day, the storms came and both the wise man and the foolish man were exposed. Before then, both of them paraded themselves as “landlords”.


In 1920, Prof. Harry Ward of Union Theological Seminary, New York, travelled to Moscow to meet Josef Stalin, the head of USSR, an atheist state. Together, the two Communists laid the foundation for the Social Gospel which today is preached from almost every pulpit in the world. The plan was to emphasize the material blessings in the Bible and de-emphasize true doctrine so that in the process of time, Marxism and the Social Gospel shall be one and the same.

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