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Return To The Narrow Path (2005)

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In Matt. 6: 47 – 49, the Lord told us the parable of two builders. One was wise, he built his house on a solid foundation, while the other was foolish, and he built his house without foundation. One day, the storms came and both the wise man and the foolish man were exposed. Before then, both of them paraded themselves as “landlords”.

One thing we all have in common, whether rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, tall, short, German, American, Chinese, Nigerian, Russian, and so on, are the storms of life. You cannot pray or wish it away. One day, it would blow. Whenever storms blow, they only come on one assignment: to test your foundation.

It is unfortunate that we have Christians today who have no proper Christian foundation. This is the reason Christians easily compromise, backslide, backstab, backbite, and eventually fall away. Every believer is a spiritual house, for you are the temple of the Spirit of God. Being a spiritual house demands a spiritual foundation for your Christianity. Without a solid Christian foundation, it would be difficult to overcome the darkness that is looming over the human race.

The six foundational doctrines of Christianity are in Hebrews 6: 1 – 2.

Return to the Narrow Path was written to explain these six foundational doctrines in detail. At the end of the book, there are Bible Study Outlines on each doctrine to facilitate teaching the doctrines to other Christians. You learn more, as you teach others.

There can be no progress towards spiritual maturity, without a solid Christian foundation.

At the Audio Page  you can listen to Pastor Bosun do a 30 minute teaching on each segment of the six foundational doctrines.

“Study to show yourself approved unto God, …” 2 Tim. 2: 15

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