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Only the Son Can Open the Door

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During the American Civil War, there was a soldier in the Union Army, a young man who had lost his older brother and his father in the war. He went to Washington, D. C. to see President Lincoln to ask for an exemption from military service so he could go back and help his sister and mother with the spring planting on the farm.

When he arrived in Washington, after having received a furlough from the military to go and plead his case, he went to the White House, approached the doors, and asked to see the president.

However, he was told, "You can't see the president! Don't you know there's a war going on? The president's a very busy man. Now go away, son! Get back out there and fight the Rebs like you're supposed to."

So he left, very disheartened, and was sitting on a little park bench not far from the White House when a little boy came up to him.
The lad said, "Soldier, you look unhappy. What's wrong?"

The soldier looked at this young boy and began to spill his heart out to this young lad about his situation, about his father and his brother having died in the war, and how he was the only male left in the family and was needed desperately back at the farm for the spring planting.

The little boy took the soldier by the hand and led him around to the back of the White House. They went through the back door, past the guards, past all the generals and the high ranking government officials until they got to the president's office itself. The little boy didn't even knock on the door but just opened it and walked in. There was President Lincoln with his Secretary of State, looking over battle plans on the desk. President Lincoln looked up and said, "What can I do for you, Todd?"

And Todd said, "Daddy, this soldier needs to talk to you."
And right then and there, the soldier had a chance to plead his case to President Lincoln, and he was exempted from military service due to the hardship he was under.

Do you want to be exempted from the horrors, the sufferings and the pain that sin has inflicted on the human race?

Do you wish to be set free from the bondage of Satan and his forces of witchcraft and evil? You can go to the Son of God. He will take you by the hand and take you straight into the Presence of the Almighty God, the President of the Universe, the Maker of the heavens and the earth so that you can receive the mercy of God.

Jesus paid the price to deliver your soul from eternal destruction which sin brought upon man. He shed His blood to atone for your sin on the cross of Calvary.
Accept His free gift of forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Right where you are, you can pray and confess to God that like all men, you are also a sinner needing forgiveness from God. Ask God for forgiveness of your sins in the name of Jesus Christ and ask Jesus Christ to save your soul and make you a child of God. It is that simple.
Remember, when you confess your sins to God, purpose to forsake sin completely.

If you need more information, please contact us and we shall be glad to share more with you about the love of God in Christ Jesus.

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