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Lagosians Will Remember This Story

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It was during a period of fuel scarcity. The Molue bus was carrying jerry cans of fuel close to the driver. As the bus was descending the Yaba flyover, disaster struck and fire erupted. Rather than stop immediately, the driver increased speed; he wanted to get off the bridge before stopping.

In the panic, he lost control of the bus and the Molue fell. It fell on the wrong side. The bus fell on the side of the doors trapping all the people inside the raging inferno.

People were screaming inside the fire but could not escape. It was a terrible tragedy. What made the tragedy worse is that onlookers could only watch helplessly and lament, but there was nothing that they could do. To lift a bus filled with fire so that people could escape was not possible without a crane or special equipment.

An onlooker at the site of the occurrence heard a gentle voice whisper in him, "that is how it is in hell. People are screaming and shouting in torment, but they will not be able to escape."

My friend, 100 years from now, where will you be?
It is possible that right now you have other things on your mind — things like how to make more money, how to enjoy your life, fame, marriage, career, business or many problems are bothering you. Consider this point very seriously: 100 years from now, none of those things will be important anymore. None of the things you are worried about today will be important in a few years time.

Only ONE thing matters in your future — are you in heaven or are you in hell?!
Whether you believe or you do not believe, whether you agree or you do not agree, it is either heaven or hell waiting for each one of us.

"Why should I end up in hell?" You ask.
"Because you broke the law of God and sinned."
Have you not lied before? Have you not stolen? (Taking what does not belong to you without permission.) Have you not committed adultery? (This includes looking at the opposite sex with lust.) Have you not blasphemed the name of God in jest or as swear-word? Have you not disobeyed constituted authority?
Are you guilty or not guilty?

However, I have Good News for you! You do not have to end up in hell. Someone has paid the penalty for your sins. If you go to Him in repentance, He will forgive you and redeem your soul so that when you finally die, you will not end up in hell. (However, you must make sure you do not return to sinful living or else, you will lose His redemption.)

Who is this Saviour? His name is Jesus Christ. If you wish to accept His redemption and His gift of eternal life, please say the prayer below. You can pray right now!

Jesus Christ is the only Person that was born sinless through the Holy Ghost and shed His blood on the cross of Calvary to atone for the sin of man. To confirm that He is the Son of God, He rose from the dead on the third day, and He lives forever. No other person has risen from the dead, and no other person has paid for the sin of man.

On the other hand, you might not agree with all I have said? You have your own religion? You have your own belief? You do not agree that people should be frightened with hell? I am not trying to frighten anyone. In fact, I cannot describe the terrors of hell enough. I pray that you will never end down there. You see, we all have a choice. The choice that you make today, will determine your future in eternity. I pray that you will choose wisely.

Remember the Molue.

Prayer of salvation:

Almighty God, I confess that I sinned and I broke your laws. I repent of all my sins and I ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus. Have mercy upon me heavenly Father and save my soul through Jesus Christ. Make me a new creation in Christ Jesus. Thank you Almighty God, as I accept the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ, I am born-again.

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