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The Herbalist Was Shocked

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"My enemies have done their worst", he muttered to himself.
Once again, he went round all the images in his dimly lit hut, desperately chanting incantations. He repeated the chore of appeasing the idols one by one.

Oil was lavished generously on the graven image that required oil, water was poured on the one that required water, while the image that demanded alcohol received a generous shot of local gin.
After repeating this exercise, the old man called them again, one by one.
"A calamity has befallen me", he moaned to himself.
"My enemies have neutralized my powers. Who did I offend?" he asked himself.
He hurriedly dressed up and proceeded to the next village to see his colleague, Orisapo. He mournfully narrated his ordeal to Orisapo, while wringing his hands and once in a while biting his fingers.
"Calm down, Iwinfunke", Orisapo soothed him. "Let us try and call them from my shrine, maybe they will answer. If they do not, I will consult the oracle for a solution to the problem."
In a distraught voice, Iwinfunke called his idols again.
They answered!!!
"What!?" he exclaimed. "Why did you not answer in my hut"
"We can no longer have access into your shrine", replied the spirits.
"Why?" queried both herbalists simultaneously
"There is something on your roof that makes it impossible for us to gain entrance into your hut."
As if galvanized into action by a burst of unseen energy, both herbalists rushed out of the hut of Orisapo. They walked briskly to the next village to the hut of Iwinfunke to see the strange object on the roof of his hut that could stop powerful spirits from entering the shrine.
Since the shrine had a low roof, it was easy to see what the object was. Lo, it was the skirt of a woman.
"Shimi. It is shimi of a woman. How can an ordinary dress stop the unseen spirits. Let me throw it away", scoffed Orisapo
"Don't touch it!" screamed Iwinfunke. "It is not an ordinary dress. It is bante. It has been soaked in powerful charms. We must find out who put it there."
In the twinkle of an eye, the entire village was in turmoil.
"Who put the skirt on the roof of babalawo?"
News of the uproar got to the group of Christians conducting an outreach in the village and they also came to the hut of Iwinfunke. They met the crowd of villagers standing in confusion and bewilderment.
"It is my skirt", said a smallish looking young lady from the midst of the Christians
"You!!!?" the two herbalists screamed. "You!?" They repeated.
"Who gave you? Where did you get this kind of power, you small girl?"
"I do not understand what you are talking about", the Christian lady replied.
"Okay. You are pretending that you do not understand. Who sent you to this village to try my powers? Who sent you to try me?" Iwinfunke queried.
"I am sorry if putting my dress on your roof made you angry. After washing my skirt I was looking for a place to dry it and I placed it on this low hut. I will remove it."
As she stretched her hand to take the skirt, the herbalists and the villagers drew back in fear while some of the villagers fled. The small statured young lady could not understand the reason for the commotion. Unknown to her, the villagers were frightened and confused because the most powerful and influential person in the village was Iwinfunke. Every one feared him, including the village head.
The moment the skirt left the roof, the two herbalists rushed into the hut of Iwinfunke. Immediately, he called the spirits and they answered like before.
"Why did you not answer when I called you earlier", queried Iwinfunke again.
"That piece of cloth on your roof contained strange power that made it difficult for us to come in", the spirits replied
"Ordinary dress of a small girl", muttered Orisapo.
"But you unseen spirits told me that no power is greater than your power? Are you now saying that there is another power greater than your own?" Iwinfunke asked the spirits.
He paused for a moment, shook his head and groaned loudly.
"Okay. Wait for me", Iwinfunke said as he walked out of the hut.
"Where are you going", chorused Orisapo and the spirits.
"When I return, you will find out", said Iwinfunke with a note of finality.
He hurried across the village to the camp of the Christians.
"We hope that there in nothing wrong again, Baba", asked the Christians as they saw him approaching.
"No. There is no problem", he replied. "Who is the leader of this group?"
"I hope there is no problem, sir?" asked the team leader as he stepped forward.
"No, no. No problem with you. I just want to ask if you know how to burn nonsense and jagbajantis. There are many of them in my hut!!!"
That was how the village native doctor renounced idolatry and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
As the villagers heard that the man promising them protection has discovered another power more powerful that the one he used to have, all the villagers rushed to the camp of the Christians seeking salvation.
Friend, where do you stand? Have you met the One who conquered death, Satan and sin? Or, are you still in bondage to false gods and false religions? Only Jesus Christ rose from the dead, proving that He alone can give eternal life.
You are in this world for a short time. When you die, you will enter eternity. Do not leave this world without Jesus Christ. The consequence of leaving this world without Jesus Christ is eternal punishment in hell fire. We appeal to you to accept the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus.
We invite you right now to repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.
Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

We want to encourage you to pray this prayer right away:

Almighty God, You are the creator of heaven and earth. You are my creator. I come to You now asking You to forgive me all my sins and save my soul through Jesus Christ. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. I believe that God raised Him from the dead and He is alive forever. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. Lord Jesus, come into my life, fill me with Your Spirit and enable me to live according to the will of God. Amen.

We encourage you to join us at the Christian fellowship below to learn more about the free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

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