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The Codfish and the Catfish

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In the north eastern United States codfish are a big commercial business. Note the following facts: There is a market for eastern cod all over, especially in sections farthest removed from the northeast coastline. But the public demand posed a problem to the shippers.

At first they froze the cod, then shipped them elsewhere, but the freeze took away much of the flavour. So they experimented with shipping them alive, in tanks of seawater, but that proved even worse. Not only was it more expensive, the cod still lost its flavour and, in addition, became soft and mushy. The texture was seriously affected.

Finally, some creative person solved the problem in a most innovative manner. The codfish were placed in the tank of water along with their natural enemy—the catfish. From the time the cod left the East Coast until it arrived at its westernmost destination, those ornery catfish chased the cod all over the tank. And, you guessed it, when the cod arrived at the market, they were as fresh as when they were first caught. There was no loss of flavour nor was the texture affected. If anything, it was better than before.

Each of us is in a tank of particular and inescapable circumstances. It is painful enough to stay in the tank. But in addition to our situation, there are God-appointed "catfish" to bring sufficient tension that keeps us alive, alert and fresh and growing. It is all part of God's project to shape our character so we will be more like his Son, Jesus Christ. Understand why the catfish are in your tank. Understand they are part of God's method of producing character in your life.

You may be facing difficulties and adversities right now and you may think that God has forgotten about you. I want you to know that your present challenges are designed by God to build a Godly character in you, because God desires a better and greater future for your life.

Do not be discouraged rather, begin to think about what really matters in your life. Jesus Christ asks "what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" The salvation of your soul is more important than wealth and comfort.

Always think in terms of eternity. Each one of us will die, and then, what next? There is life after death, either in heaven or in hell. Where will you be in the next 100 years?

Friend, today is the day of your salvation. Repent of your sin and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Your present challenges, like that of the codfish, is only for a short time and it is meant to make you strong, resilient and God fearing. If you remain faithful to God, He will lift you, strengthen, comfort and settle you.

I want to encourage you to pray this prayer right away:

Almighty God, You are the creator of heaven and earth. You are my creator. I come to You now asking You to forgive me all my sins and save my soul through Jesus Christ. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. I believe that God raised Him from the dead and He is alive forever. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. Lord Jesus, come into my life, fill me with Your Spirit and enable me to live according to the will of God. Amen.

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