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Why should Christians insist Jesus Christ is the only way to God?

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Malik was confused. It was as if everyone around him has gone crazy. How come everyone is claiming that his own religious belief is the only way to God. Are there many gods or is it true that there is only one? Which one?

In the multicultural society in which he lives in London, he comes under constant barrage by almost everyone around him trying to persuade him to adopt a particular religious belief.

His family from Eastern Europe was not particularly religious. His parents still carry over some traces of communist ideology so they never bothered the children about any religious belief.

However, in school, his friend tried to get him to become a Christian. His neighbour, a devout Islamist from Iran has been trying to get him to convert to Islam. At the supermarket where he does part time job, his boss, an Indian, has been telling him of the virtues of Krishna and wanted him to convert to Hinduism.

Meanwhile, his Chinese colleague at work told him the way to truth is through Buddha. As if that was not enough, the Jewish supplier of stock to the supermarket believes the best way to God is through Judaism.

In the midst of all the cacophony of religious voices around him, John, the Christian, insisted that only Jesus Christ is the true way to God.
"How can that be? How about all the other religions", argued Malik?

First, explained John, let us look at his birth. Every one on earth, living or dead, was born through Adam and as such, inherited the sin nature of Adam. Only Jesus Christ was born through the seed of the Holy Spirit. The blood of Jesus is the sinless blood of God.

Two, only Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for the sin of the human race. The problem of man is sin and until it is atoned for, man cannot be reconciled to His Creator. The sacrifice of atonement was demonstrated in the Old Testament animal sacrifices of the Jews, pointing to the ultimate sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, that will come in the fullness of time.

Third, and most important, it is on record that it is only Jesus Christ that died and rose from the dead on the third day. Even though some people tried to deny the resurrection of Jesus, evidence abound that he actually rose from the dead.

The Bible says that rising from the dead is the confirmation that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead: Romans 1:4

What is resurrection? It is what has encountered death and yet lives. It is only the person that has conquered death that can guarantee you eternal life. Check the founder of all the other religions, they are dead. Only Jesus Christ is alive.

Buddha never claimed to be God. Moses never claimed to be Jehovah. Mohammed never claimed to be Allah. Yet Jesus Christ claimed to be the true and living God.

Buddha simply said, "I am a teacher in search of the truth."

Jesus said, "I am the Truth."

Confucius said, "I never claimed to be holy."

Jesus said, "Who convicts me of sin?"

Jesus said, "Unless you believe in me, you will die in your sins."

Jesus Christ died on the cross to atone for your sins. Unless your sins are atoned for, you cannot be reconciled to God. No amount of good works can pay for your sins.

Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior today for the salvation of your soul. "He is the Way, the Truth and the Life."

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