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Who translated the Bible of the Jehovah witnesses?

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The Watchtower Society first published the New World Translation of the New Testament in 1950. Their complete Bible was published first in 1961, with subsequent revisions published in 1970 and 1984.

The Watchtower was always quite secretive about the composition of their translation committee, claiming that credit should be given to God and the truth, rather than the translators. In the October 22, 1989 issue of Awake!, the Watchtower Society's magazine publication, the society recited the words of their founder Charles T. Russell, "It is the truth rather than its servant that should be honored..."

However, former members of the Society revealed the identities of the translation committee members as Frederick W. Franz, Nathan H. Knorr, George D. Gangas, Albert D. Schroeder, Milton G. Henschel, and Karl Klein.
A review of their qualifications is disturbing:

Translator   Qualifications
 Probably the only person to actually translate. Franz was a liberal arts student at the University of Cincinnati:
21 semester hours of classical Greek, some Latin.
Partially completed a two-hour survey course in Biblical Greek in junior year.
Self-taught in Spanish, biblical Hebrew and Aramaic
Gangas, George  No training in biblical languages.
Gangas was a Turkish national who knew Modern Greek. Translated Watchtower publications into Modern Greek.
 No training in biblical languages.
 No training in biblical languages.
 No training in biblical languages.
 No training in biblical languages. Albert majored in Mechanical Engineering for three years before dropping out..


Mr. Franz (the most senior translator) seemed to lack the fluidity he claimed. In a court of law in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1954, Mr. Franz failed a simple test on his Hebrew language skills. On cross-examination, Franz was asked to translate a particular verse from Genesis into Hebrew. He was unable to do so. The person most capable among his peers to translate the Bible failed a simple test. This calls into question the use of the word "translation" in the New World Translation. As we will see, this "translation" is more likely a paraphrase that was heavily edited to introduce Watchtower bias.

Witnesses deviate from biblical Christianity in several areas. First, like all the cults, they deny the Trinity. They believe there is one God, Jehovah. Jesus they regard as Michael the Archangel, while the Holy Spirit is not God but an active force much like electricity or fire.
Second, Witnesses deny the bodily resurrection of Christ, but instead believe He was raised as a spirit and manifested Himself several times in different materialized bodies.

Third, they deny the existence of hell and eternal punishment, but believe in total annihilation after death. Only the elite ruling class, the 144,000, are allowed to go to heaven. The faithful Jehovah's Witnesses remain unconscious after death till they are resurrected in the Millennium. Those who are not in the organization are annihilated after death.

Fourth, Witnesses have a works-oriented salvation. Salvation is not based upon a relationship with Christ, but found in the organization. One must serve the society, and depending on one's faithfulness and absolute obedience, one may be saved.
Fifth, they believe that Jesus returned invisibly in 1914 and established His throne in heaven. At Armageddon, God will destroy all evil, and abolish all the world's governments, and establish a new Paradise on earth. Then the living and resurrected Jehovah's Witnesses will inherit Paradise earth. The 144,000 mentioned earlier will rule with Jesus. (

The Watchtower Society has made many false predictions concerning when Armageddon would happen. The Society has clearly taught several dates for Armageddon - 1914, 1918, 1925, 1941, and 1975. All of these "prophecies" proved to be false. The Society built a house in San Diego, USA, called Beth Sarim, which was to be given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when they returned to the earth in 1925. It was a false prophecy. (

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

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