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Life is Not a Game of Ludo

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(Please read this story, it contains strategic information for those who wish to vote with wisdom.)

Chief Olowolagba Williams was a very wealthy man. He was a successful business magnate and he had a chain of companies, a fleet of exotic vehicles, houses in choice areas of the city and he was highly respected in the society both as a socialite and as a philanthropist. He also believed that he was a very good man because he rarely lost his temper and he helped people he saw needed help.

One day, at the age of 89, the Chief died having lived a materially and financially successful life.

After his death, he discovered that the story he had been told that scientists had discovered hell in 1989 is true. The temperature of hell is 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,204 degrees Centigrade).

Now, with all his money and influence in the world, the Chief has to spend eternity in a fire that is 2,204 degrees Centigrade hot. In his lifetime, he would not have put his smallest finger in a boiling water which is a mere 100 degrees Centigrade!

In anguish and sorrow, he wished he had repented of his sins of business lies, adulterous lifestyle, vanity, etc, and humbled himself to accept the redemption Jesus Christ offered. For the next 100 years, 1000 years, 1 million years, 1 billion years, and so on, Chief Olowolagba will be in hell.

He did not vote for the right candidate in his lifetime. There are two candidates campaigning for your vote in life. One is Jesus Christ, the other is Satan the devil.

If you vote for Jesus, His government is one of discipline and obedience. He will demand repentance (confessing and forsaking sin) and obedience from you. He will demand holiness, humility, moderation in lifestyle, and fear of God. When you die, He will give you eternal life in the kingdom of God.

If you vote for Satan, he will give you liberty to do whatever you want — consume alcoholic drink, indulge in illicit sex, smoke, fight, envy, kill those you do not like, (if you choose), covet money, fame and make you an idol, if you wish. You will have no restriction. Nobody will tell what to do or what not to do. However, when you die, you will join him in hell fire for all of eternity.

My friend, how do you vote? 100 years from now, where will you be?

Have you not lied before? Stolen? Committed adultery? Blasphemed the name of God in jest and as swear-word? Are you guilty or not guilty?

Thank God you have not died. You can still repent, ask God for forgiveness and accept the sacrifice of atonement offered by Jesus Christ on the cross for your sins.

Be sober. Humble yourself. Ask God for mercy in the name of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to forgive your sins and save your soul through Jesus Christ.

Then, find a Bible believing church and serve Jesus Christ.

Remember, hell is waiting; may it not wait for you.

Oh, by the way, Chief Olowolagba wanted to send someone from hell to warn his children and members of his family to make their ways right with God before they die. Unfortunately, there was no one he could send.

There is no courier service from hell.


You can pray right away: Almighty God, I confess that I have sinned and broke Your laws. I repent of all my sins and I ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus. Have mercy upon me and save my soul from eternal destruction through Jesus Christ. Make me a new creation in Christ Jesus and fill me with your Spirit. Thank You heavenly Father, that as I accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ, I am born-again.


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