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Sunday 25th June 2023


The National Prayer Altar is a daily trans-denominational prayer initiative of Christians from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria, Christians in the diaspora, as well as nationals of other countries. The Prayer Altar started on 18th April 2022 and has sustained its daily online prayers to date, with participation in the hundreds. 

As a cooperation of praying people, the National Prayer Altar is interested in developments both in the Church as well as in the larger society. In compliance with the Scripture that “faith without works is dead,” the National Prayer Altar is committed to intercession as well as to practical national interventions. Accordingly, the Altar candidly addresses the following concerns: 


The current worrisome state of the Nigeria Church is an indictment on its leadership. Unfortunately, there is little apparent collaboration among the tiers and members of that leadership to robustly confront the moral and spiritual chaos that confronts the Church. Unhealthy individualism and ensuing rivalries have fostered competition rather than cooperation among Christians and their leaders, stressing the point that the problem of the Nigeria Church remains a leadership problem. Sadly, a divided house cannot stand.  

In the circumstances, we wish to advocate an urgent Christian leadership summit not restricted to officials of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) but open to all notable Christian leaders across the five Church groups in Nigeria (2 Chron. 7:14). A Nineveh-like solemn assembly would be a good starting point. 


The National Prayer Altar and many well-meaning Nigerians have lately been distressed with certain developments connecting some apex Christian leadership offices in the country; a negative posturing of the Church that started in the recent past and appears insistent on continuing in the present. The Prayer Altar prays that the current President of CAN would early establish his own standards of Christian leadership, to forestall regrettable crashes into infamy. While this President’s commitment to righteousness cannot be disputed, an early break with the mistakes of the past is crucial. 

It is disturbing that Christian leaders who have appeared helpless and speechless in the face of the ongoing massacre of Christian communities in Nigeria would be so prompt to endorse and support the killers of their brothers and sisters. It is sad that CAN would write a letter of congratulation to a government whose legitimacy is still in contention at the courts. It seems to announce, sadly, that CAN supports the Muslim-Muslim ticket which it had all the while appeared to vehemently oppose. It is worrisome irony smacking of hypocrisy. It is sub judice, not righteousness, to so take sides, especially as election results are not only being challenged but the conduct of the election itself has been globally condemned for its many apparent constitutional violations.  

While CAN might have been comparatively modest in its congratulations, the national leadership of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) appears to have thrown caution to the winds in effusively pronouncing blessings on a flawed process and its objectionable product. We hope that the appropriate organs of the PFN will redeem the image of that respectable Fellowship by calling an inquiry into how and who had authorized the letter and the worrisome congratulatory benedictions pronounced upon persons of publicly disputed legitimacy. Meanwhile, let it be on record that, to the extent that the generality of the Church and its leadership were not consulted before those public statements were made, and since those masses have continued to express their discontent at the ecclesiastical leadership overstep, the congratulations remain the tolerable political correctness of those that sent them. Their messages do not represent the voice of the people and are not binding on the Church in Nigeria. 


While the world watches on as the current electoral cases go on at the Tribunal, let it be known that it is the judiciary that is on trial this time, not so much the elections, for Nigerians across political and other divides know the truth. In the weeks to come, Nigerians shall pronounce their verdict on the judiciary, whether guilty or not guilty. 


We are concerned about the obvious manipulation of ethnic sentiments for political advantage in the country. This social virus is deliberately being resuscitated by self-seeking individuals to the detriment of unity and peace of Nigeria. The candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not a Yoruba agenda, neither is the candidacy of Mr. Peter Obi an Igbo agenda. The attempt to manipulate an impression that the Yoruba people entirely support Asiwaju Tinubu as their “own” is a mischievous political game. During the presidential election, the Yorubas, like most other Nigerians, demonstrated their exasperation with the corrupt governance of the APC and the PDP in the past twenty-four years. In the same vein, the attempt by some errant Igbos to give the impression that Mr. Peter Obi is an Igbo candidate is equally out of place. That candidate has had the support of progressive Nigerians all over the world.  


The 2023 elections have ranked as the worst in the history of Nigeria. Not only did the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) contradict its regulations, but it also actively sought to frustrate the electoral process, particularly in the deployment of appropriate facilities and logistics in that election. It is imperative that INEC be interrogated about its handling of the 2023 elections, and the Chairman of INEC, Prof. Yakubu Mahmood, be properly investigated unless this public officer is beyond the laws of the land. The appropriate human and civil rights organizations in the country should commence a process towards that interrogation, as a precedence in future electoral engagements. 


In a video that has lately been trending on social media, the former Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, has been heard making statements that verily amount to reprehensible hate speech. His comments not only strongly indict him of complicity in the genocide that ravaged Kaduna State during his tenure, but they also have the potential to further stir that religious intolerance that has made Nigeria one of the most terrorized nations in the world. Unless the appropriate national security agents are ethnically and religiously biased, they should interrogate that politician the same way they have been known to readily summon lesser others accused of volatile incitements. 

Mallam Nasir El Rufai’s blatant infringement on public peace is where the strident voices of Christian leaders should have been heard, demanding his prosecution or his explanation of the claims in the trending video clip. Under the administration of Mallam Nasir El Rufai, thousands of innocent Christians were murdered in Kaduna State, while countless Christian communities were sacked by the Fulani militia often dubiously masked as ‘herdsmen.’  


The recent announcement by the APC on the ‘removal of petroleum subsidy’ without appropriate remediation for the plight of the masses reminds one of the story of King Rehoboam in the Bible. Soon as Rehoboam was up on the throne, he demonstrated a gross lack of empathy with the hardships of the people. The nation was soon destroyed under him. A Yoruba proverb warns that the eye that would see the evening does not create dirt in the morning. By its austere ‘welcome greeting,’ the APC appears to have affirmed that it is set to afflict Nigerians with more suffering than they had endured under Buhari. Unfortunately, it is the same political group that, in 2012, vehemently opposed and castigated the former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, for attempting to initiate the same process that they now hail. The hypocrisy is choking.  


We appeal to all Nigerians of good conscience to lend their voices to the need to raise credible leadership for the country. Competent leadership is indispensable to peace and progress in Nigeria. As a people, we have suffered unwarranted hardship amidst abundant resources, because of our leadership deficits. Anything short of credible leadership in this season would mean for the country to continue in penury and sorrow.

Those who rig elections can neither claim to have been ordained by God nor to mean well for the people. Nothing good comes out of fraud. At the National Prayer Altar, we shall continue to pray every day for righteousness to prevail in the country, trusting God to heal our land. Amen. 

Endorsed by:

  1. Bosun Emmanuel SW
  2. Kontein Trinya SS
  3. Sylvester Mbamali SE
  4. Linda Ndache NE
  5. Alabi Mojirade NC
  6. Hauwa Kure NW
  7. Ekashili Sunday SS
  8. Gideon Ghajiga NE
  9. Augustine Okoronkwo SE
  10. Emmanuel Gabriel NC
  11. Akuzuo Ofoefule SE
  12. Chiedu Issachar SE
  13. Doris Ipinniwa NC (USA)
  14. Olufunmilayo Ewa-Jesu SW
  15. Ihuoma Okorocha SE
  16. Mary Anso NC (UK)
  17. Peter John-Isagua SS
  18. Michael Adedeji SW
  19. Agatha Kio SS
  20. Anyam Anastasia SE
  21. Aduroja Delights SS
  22. Ngozi Udombana SE
  23. Ibironke Alonge SW
  24. Chimezie Oyeneye SE
  25. Joy Osedeme SS
  26. Eno Akan-Essien SS (Canada)
  27. David Adebayo Alabi SW
  28. Ngozi Azubike SE
  29. Yvonne Ben-Kalio SS
  30. Gloria Akinniyi SW (USA)
  31. Ilanye Jumbo SS
  32. Tom-George I. C. SS
  33. Elizabeth Fadero SS (UK)
  34. Evelyn Alfred-Irabor SS
  35. Patrick Emmanuel NC
  36. Chinyere Adebayo SW
  37. Peters Ifeoluwaju SW
  38. John Okoli SE
  39. Adewuyi Titilola NC
  40. William Akhionbare SS
  41. Stell-Maris Akhionbare SS
  42. Aniema Ette SS
  43. Stella Jacks SS
  44. Zeuwa Okorocha SE
  45. Comfort Ewang SS
  46. Emmanuel Gbanigo SE
  47. Eduzor Chinedu Emmanuel SE
  48. Agnes Odiase SS
  49. Benjamin Aditsoma NE
  50. Joanna Kadiya NW
  51. Odezi Evezi SS
  52. Margaret N. Iroha. SE
  53. Evarista Kajoh NC
  54. Okoro Ebikaboere Cecilia SS
  55. Okwuchukwu Blessed SE
  56. Funmilola Oniye SW (UK)
  57. Chinwe Nwagbo SE
  58. Selinah Abu NC
  59. Omodele Sonde SW
  60. Tuate Alagoa -Nene SS
  61. Blessed Sam Ogbonna SS
  62. Mrs Patricia Tawo SS
  63. Henrrietta Ihonor     SS
  64. Vivian Pam NC
  65. Biodun Oniye SW (UK)
  66. Okwuchukwu Blessed SE
  67. Blessed Sam Ogbonna SE
  68. Elizabeth Agbetile SW (UK)
  69. Hilda Omale NC
  70. Obiweluozor Chinwe SE
  71. Joy Anih SE (UK)
  72. Comfort Piwuna NC
  73. Abolaji Adeyemi SW
  74. G. Arheghan SS
  75. J. Ibrahim NW
  76. Helen Ezeanyim SE
  77. Olanrewaju Awotona SW
  78. Victor Okpako SS
  79. Ibukun Oluwafemi SW
  80. Oluwatoyin Osinubi SW
  81. Stella Ogar SS
  82. Chinyere Ukaegbu SE
  83. Chinyere Uduku SE
  84. Helen Ogbonna SS
  85. Doris Andrew SE
  86. Durotolu Titilanu Akinyemi SW
  87. Deborah Soyoye SW
  88. Vicky Daniel NW
  89. Ifeoma Enweani SE
  90. Chidubem Akinyede SW
  91. Chijioke Maduka SE
  92. Chinenye Ohuabunwa SE
  93. George Bari NW
  94. Sodienye Alex-Hart SS
  95. Elizabeth Fadero SS (UK)
  96. Adeline Olaosebikan SW
  97. Tunde Chukwujekwe SW
  98. Andrew Okwudili SS
  99. Rotimi Olokodana SW
  100. Moda Boma Simon-Hart SS
  101. Juliana Tanko NW
  102. Goddy Ihesie SE
  103. Ima Usen Emmanuel SS
  104. Bunmi Adekeye SW (UK)
  105. Bertha Nnadozie SE
  106. Rose Okoro SS
  107. Oluchi Ema SS
  108. Ifeoma Enweani SS (USA)
  109. Roger Tanko NW
  110. Ikechukwu Obi SE
  111. Chinagorom Okereke SE
  112. Jude Onwueme SS
  113. Christiana Ogaje NC
  114. Mosun Malomo SW
  115. Paul Oluwanibe SW
  116. Maryam Mpur SE
  117. Christiana Olawole SS
  118. Marie Ene Orgah NC
  119. Ayo Duro Emmanuel SW
  120. Fatimah Obadaki NC
  121. Lydia Peters SW
  122. Morebisola Agbesanmi SW
  123. Paul Etiubon SS
  124. Obahi Ogidi NC
  125. Abigail Dahoud SW
  126. Remilekun Adesomoju SW
  127. Ndace David NC
  128. Chinwe Onyebuchi SE
  129. Samuel Handan NW
  130. Aduro Peter NC
  131. Rebecca Etiubon SS
  132. Larry Sylvans SE (UK)
  133. Margret Adesida SW
  134. Magaret Ihesie SE
  135. Idongesit Essien SS
  136. Seth Odeneye SW
  137. Uduak Ekanem SS
  138. Alisa Wadzani NE
  139. Bukky Igunnu NC
  140. Nma Igwe SE
  141. Buraimoh Segun SW
  142. Udoh-King Juliana SS
  143. Elizabeth Obaba NC
  144. Okam Kalu Ego SE
  145. Ezekwe Elizabeth SE
  146. Ngozi Chizobam SE
  147. Awotunde Olukemi SW
  148. Tanko Jock NW
  149. Iniobong Efo SS
  150. Enakeno Ohiorenoya SS
  151. Nwakama Eddy-Ikwueze SE
  152. Ernest Nwokolo SE
  153. Deborah Ante NW
  154. Tony Simon NW
  155. Atinuke Amao-Kehinde SW
  156. Charity Okujagu SS
  157. Elsie Ososanya SW
  158. Mabel Babasola SW
  159. Celestina Nweze SE
  160. Chinyere Ezims SE
  161. Martina Oziegbe SS
  162. Anthony Ikechi SE
  163. Emeka Ezebudey SE
  164. Abigail Ishaya NC
  165. Ifeoma Enweani SE (USA)
  166. David Emmanuel SE
  167. Joanna Jatau NC
  168. Ifeoma Edoziem SE
  169. Udeh Obiageli SE
  170. Chioma Amajoh SE
  171. Obby Okorafor SE
  172. Samuel Enesi SE
  173. Favour Isaac SW
  174. Banji Majowa SW

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