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If it Were Possible to Live Forever

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As the funeral procession approached the cemetery, the young beautiful wife of the deceased was wailing loudly and crying.
"I will die with him. My life is finished ... They will bury me with you today. We are going together ... you cannot leave me like this!"

Sympathizers were all in tears as each person lamented and mourned the sudden death of this promising young man who died unexpectedly in a motor accident. He had just gotten married and with a top management position in a bank, he seemed set to have a promising life. So, who could blame his wife if she was so distraught and overwhelmed with grief?
Suddenly, loud sounds of gunshot rent the air. What?! Armed robbers! At a funeral procession? Don't these armed robbers know when and where to strike? (No, apparently they do not know). The robbers were trying to snatch a car around the area in which the funeral procession was taking place.
Immediately, everyone took off in search of safety. People ran crouching helter-skelter to avoid stray bullets. Some hefty men, with chests like barrel of oil, went straight on the ground, flat; chest first and chin hugging the dirt. The dignified executives in polished black funeral suits forgot comportment and executive mien — they hit the dirt, fast. Since no one knew from which direction the bullets were coming, everyone hugged mother earth.
Did I say everyone? Yes, everyone; including the beautiful bride that seconds ago was offering to die with her deceased husband. When the opportunity came for her wish to be granted, she disappeared, neat.
Long after the armed robbers had gone, she could not be found. After diligent search, they located her behind a tombstone, shivering like a jelly. You see, no one wants to die; including you and I.
The greatest fear that man has is the fear of death. Man will complain that life is hard and it is rough but, offer him death as an option and he will tell you that he will still manage.
If any inventor can produce an elixir of life, kings and nobles will be his ardent customers.
In ancient China, during the Qin dynasty, Qin Shi Huang sent an alchemist, Xu Fu, with 500 young men and 500 young women to the eastern seas to find the elixir of life—they never returned. The ancient Indians also have their myth about Amrita, the drink of immortality. It did not work; they died.
Even in contemporary times, eccentric billionaires have been heard of, sponsoring researches to prolong life forever. The researches are on-going; the billionaire sponsors are dead.
Yet, it is possible to live forever. Eternal life is available and it is free. Why are some people unwilling to receive it? Maybe, the condition man has to meet before receiving eternal life is too high for most people to accept.
What is the condition for eternal life? Simple. Repent. It is as simple as ABC. Stop committing sin, confess your past sins and ask for forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ and you have eternal life. This means, stop telling lies, stealing, cheating, hating other people, lusting, and so on.
You ask, why does it have to be through Jesus Christ only? Why not through the other religions or the traditional religions, ...? Because it is Jesus Christ that shed His blood on the cross of Calvary to atone for your sins and died on the cross to save your soul. To confirm that He alone is the giver of eternal life, He arose from the dead and He lives forever. Which of the other founder of other religions rose from the dead? None. A dead person cannot give you life. If they cannot give themselves life, how can they give you life?
You can pray right now and confess to God that you are a sinner and ask for forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ. You can easily ask Jesus Christ to come into your life as your Lord and Saviour, right now. It is as simple as that.
Next, you need a Christian fellowship so that you can grow in the faith. This is where we come in.
After you have accepted the free gift of eternal life, you need to study the Bible and learn a lot about God and, of course, the devil. He wants to steal that eternal life from you. You must know how to handle him and his forces of darkness. So, join us at:



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