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The Heart of Stone

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After a long manhunt, the Police finally arrested the serial murderer that specialized in painfully and slowly killing children. His choice of victims seemed to be children between the ages of 2—5 years old. His method of killing them was the same. He would go to a park, find a child playing  alone and lure the unsuspecting child away.

Then, he would use chloroform to make the child unconscious and dunk the child inside a sack and disappear with his victim. After getting to his hideout, he would begin a deliberate torturing  of the innocent child with blade and knives. The child would bleed to death while he watched without any emotion. By the time he was finally arrested, he had killed five innocent children, two boys and three girls. Rational human beings could not believe that such a monster could be alive. To add insult upon injury, he later claimed that he did it because he was mentally deranged. How would you describe this man? A monster? An animal? A beast? A lunatic? Whichever adjective you employ, you have just described an abortionist. As a matter of fact, the lady committing abortion is worse that this man. While this man is killing the children of other people, the abortionist is killing her own child. Abortion is not merely “evacuating” a fetus from the womb, it is actually murdering a human being. According to the National Right to Life, a pregnancy normally covers forty weeks, beginning at fertilization, when the sperm and the ovum meet to form a single cell. All the characteristics of each person—sex, eye colour, shoe size, intelligence, etc. - are determined at fertilization by the baby’s genetic code in the 46 human chromosomes. Every person begins as a separate single cell; nothing new is added except oxygen and nutrition. If the process is not interrupted, a human being will live approximately nine months in the mother’s uterus and decades outside of it. At Three Weeks: The baby’s heart begins to beat and pump blood. At Six Weeks: The baby has brain waves that can be measured with an electroencephalograph. (The end of human life can be defined as the cessation of brain waves, but many ignore the scientific evidence of brain waves in unborn babies). At Seven Weeks: The baby is swimming in the amniotic sac with a natural swimmer’s stroke and is already kicking. At Eight weeks: The baby begins swallowing. At Nine Weeks: Parents can watch their baby moving around inside the uterus on an ultrasound scanner. At Ten to Eleven Weeks: The baby can breathe amniotic fluid and urine, is sensitive to touch, and can seize an object placed in his or her hand. At Eleven Weeks: All the baby’s organ systems are functioning. Although still so small that the baby could stand on an adult’s little fingertip, his or her little feet are perfectly shaped. The baby has a skeletal structure, nerves, and circulation, as well as eyelids, nails, and fingerprints. At Fourteen Weeks: The baby’s heart pumps several quarts of blood enough through his or her body every day. At Eighteen Weeks: The child is perfectly formed. At Nineteen Weeks: The baby can conceivably survive outside the womb. Kenya King was born in Florida on June 16, 1985, at nineteen weeks, or just little more than 4 ½ months after her life began. She weighed eighteen ounces. With each abortion that is carried out, a human being is murdered. The person that commits abortion is a cold-blooded murderer that will rather murder an innocent baby rather than have her life of fun interrupted by pregnancy. Or maybe, would rather commit murder than face the consequence of her life of immorality. Either way, the abortionist is a cold blooded murderer that kills her own child. If you are guilty of the sin of abortion, now is the time to repent and ask God for forgiveness. There is no difference between the abortionist and the armed robber that kills to steal. Both of them are murderers. Pray right now and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and cleanse you from the unrighteousness of shedding innocent blood. To avoid the sin of abortion, STOP  sexual immorality. God ordained sex for marriage. Be patient until you get married. Prostitution is not an alternative profession. There are other jobs that could be done to generate income.



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