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This write up will majorly consider and reiterate what God had revealed to me over the past three or so decades He had called me into ministry. For those who have had access to my previous write ups under His Word for Now series will understand the burden God had put into my heart for the nations especially my country Nigeria concerning political, industrial especially the spiritual situation of the country. Many things are happening lately that has spurred me to write this current edition of this series.

First I will like to reiterate the dream I had on the 6th September 2015 where I saw myself in a conference where people were discussing the situation of the country. When In that dream I was asked to state my intentions for the country, I said “my own intention is to monitor physically and spiritually every enterprise and organization in the country and to see that they are conforming to the intentions of God for their existence”.
This summarizes what God has been using me to do over the decades. Majorly from the revelation that God gave me my while praying in the United Kingdom as ordered by him when in a dream on October 20, 1994, He caused me to see me giving bread to people of all races and where he indicated to me that he wants to use Nigerians to evangelize and re evangelize nations including Nigeria and in which he emphasized that China is included in the nations we are to evangelize and he even caused me to sing in that dream the song composed by late Rev. Ransome Kuti, a Nigerian about the call of God on Africans to evangelize nations, I knew that the dream I mention above is a summary of the whole intentions of God for Nigeria.
On the 21st December 2016, as I shared in the number 16 of this series I dreamt I was in a gathering of a special group of young Nigerians. It seems I was not really supposed to be there because they were a special group of people. It took me time and much effort to be there. As I sat on a chair in the back row of the hall where the young people were gathered, the convener of the meeting pointed his finger at me and this led a camera man at the meeting to aim his camera at me. I stood up and said “it is a special privilege to be part of the gathering of a group people who have solutions to the problems people are facing and can help to solve such problems” , then I woke up. I believed that God was telling me that the revelations He had been giving me over the previous few years that he would raise the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus (Representing all the tribes of Nigeria) into whose hearts He would put His wisdom and knowledge to solve the various problems in various sectors of the nation, He will still manifest at His own appointed time. They will be gathered from many nations where talented Nigerians are at this time and He will cause them to work His works. They will not be greedy for money and will shun occultic connections. This will happen after the clearing of the Nigerian terrain of the decimators and robbers of the human and financial resources of the nation. This is kind of re emphasis of what I saw in a dream on 11th of April 2013 which I mentioned in my no 5 of this series where I said I was at meeting hall filled with mostly young people and I left my bag filled with envelopes of cash of various currencies and also a bible and that when I returned to the hall, only the bible had been taken and nobody had touched my money bag. That after I later saw my Bible and went out of the hall with one of the participants at the meeting we saw a sanitation truck which had just finished its assignment and which I and the woman with me helped to open its bonnet. Then I saw a white clean new bath tub being filled with water through two new silver taps. That this shows that the sanitation of the Nigerian terrain is going to be effectively carried out after which God will raise true teachers of the True word of God who will succeed in pouring the pure water of His word into clean vessels of a new generation of Nigerians who will focus more on His word than on money. God was telling me, I will live to see and celebrate the manifestation of such Nigerians.
However, because of the vision God showed me on January 7, 2010 where He caused me to see in a vision a woman bound by iron rod who God told me represent the Nigerian church bound by mammon (love of money) and who is totally helpless to perform any task unless this is cut off by fire which He caused me to know is an affliction by forces of darkness including Islamic rampage of the nation until the church bows to His Lordship and get rid of her submission to the rulership of mammon, the love of money.
It seems the Devil is unleashing through our worship of mammon, churches that are determined to truncate God’s plan for the nation. It has become so bad that I have queried God few times that why should He insist on using Nigeria for His assignment in the Nations and He had revealed to me that His plan that he showed me on October 20, 1994 has not changed and all He wants to do is to sanitize the Nigerian churches through the fire of affliction He had unleashed on the church to melt that iron rod of mammon that is holding her bound. The same revelation I am happy has been revealed to my friend ‘Bosun Emmanuel which he reiterated in a publication he revealed through his Kingdom website in July 2019. He had in 2011 published in his Karis Magazine where he drew a full picture of the woman bound by the iron rod of mammon.
As I have been reiterating in this issue, many things have been happening in the Nigerian church and Nation that causes me to be further burdened and causes me to want to give up on the issues. Number one is that we the Nigerian church people do not want to search ourselves but we are busy bad mouthing the political leadership of the nation insisting that they want to islamize the nation when we are not interested in Christianizing the Nation. As Pastor Bosun said in his write up, he is afraid to talk about many of these issues because as he says the church leadership will not take him serious.
The saddest part of the issue to me is that our young people who are supposed to be led to revitalize the nation are being encouraged to worship mammon more than the older generation. This is because many churches are running the Jeroboam kind of church where leadership and pastoral positions are given to those who bring money to the churches. I have been at some meetings where people are being called out as to the amount of money they will regularly give to the leadership of the church. N10,000, N5,000 or same amount of foreign currency monthly to the leadership of the church. We have therefore zeroed into prosperity preaching rather than winning of souls or even releasing missionaries to nations. We do not ask where this money being brought to the church comes from. Yes, I believe churches need money to run their affairs. But I believe that the leadership should mention the amount and urge the people to ask the Holy Spirit in their place of prayer how much they should sow into it so that they can be genuinely blessed. Sadly, this current syndrome where people who are not called into pastoral positions are being ordained as pastors and the headquarter church expects them to bring to the headquarters account majorly the Sunday service offering has caused some of these pastors to deviate into fraudulence and even occultism. Many would move out of the church they are pastoring and start their own churches sometimes with occultic foundation. As I have mentioned in some of my previous write ups I have been led to scatter physically and spiritually some of such churches.
Because of my concern for the younger generation of believers, I felt led to declare to a congregation at a program where a pastor was being ordained as bishop that the major assignment for the younger generation is not looking for titles but the salvation of souls of the various demonic militias rampaging the nation. As I said because of the favoritism being shown to people who bring money to the church from whatever source, many young church goers have delved in to getting money through occultic violence and internet fraud, and this is worsening especially in the so called Christian southern Nigeria.
During my latest visit to Abuja to pray for the nation as God had ordered me to be giving from 2006 and also after I had read the report that my friend Pastor Bosun Emmanuel wrote about the Judgment on the church, God showed me various visions of fire being unleashed against the church. Also, a sword of judgement being unleashed against the church. I was led not to pray against it because as the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that just like the butcher’s knife which has become blunt and the butcher insists that is the knife he wants to use to cut the meat has to be sharpened in a way that causes heat to affect the knife in the process of being sharpened, God is determined to use the Nigerian church and is determined to sharpen her to fulfill her assignment not just in Nigeria but also in the nations. Meanwhile the Nigerian church because of mammon control has submitted herself to the rule of water spirits in various parts of the country. On the 11th of November, just before the gubernatorial election in Kogi State, I saw a man wearing white agbada outfit with hat on his head standing confidently waist deep in a river, I believe he represents the water spirit ruling at the confluence of the river Niger and Benue the heart of Nigeria. What affects the hearts affects the whole body. The Nigerian church needs to deal with such spirits so that the country can make spiritual, political, and economic progress and so that we can prepare and strengthen ourselves to stop the rampage of Islam and other Occultic forces. How can we do this if all we are looking for is money?
I was encouraged when I read in the October edition of Church Times about American evangelist Benny Hinn where he said God scolded him for preaching too much on prosperity and that he now concentrates more on salvation of souls. The Nigerian church needs to repent like the people of Nineveh as declare in Jonah 3:5-10 and veer into this also so that God can have mercy on us and reverse the Judgment he had unleashed against us. 
God bless you all.

 Yours in His Assignment, 

 Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs.)
M: +2348035619236 

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