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I am writing this treatise as a result of requests made by some Christians to me for enlightenment about what is happening to Christianity in Nigeria, and more importantly, what are we going to do? I acknowledge that “we know in part and we prophesy in part”, (1 Cor. 13: 9) therefore, I shall be sharing from the “part” that I know, fully conscious that other people may still possess superior revelations.

I also wish to acknowledge that I am fully conscious of the risk that I am taking due to the cynicism of some Christians, particularly, some Christian elites who have reduced everything spiritual to politics. It does not matter how logical and sensible the presentation may be, for them it would still be viewed through political lenses, either National politics or Church politics. Therefore I would not be surprised if some people abandon the issues in this write up and commence raising diversionary issues.

I had refrained from making some information at my disposal public primarily due to the concerns enumerated above. The Lord says, “do not cast your pearl before swine and do not give holy things to dogs else they will turn and attack you”. Before the 2019 Elections, I had written about the spiritual dynamics that would determine the outcome of the elections in an article titled THE MYSTERY OF THE GATE KEEPER. I could only entrust the final document to about seven people with the request that they should not share it.

However, with some of these requests for direction for the Church and the seriousness of what is going on, I venture to risk sharing some information that we all see, but maybe, some of us are not able to connect the dots. I urge the spiritual and sincere people in the Church to weigh these issues and if it makes spiritual sense, let us embark on urgent remedial steps. The time is short and the stakes are high.

Around 2009 and 2010, some Word came from the Lord concerning Nigeria and the Church. Incidentally then, I was publishing KARIS Christian Magazine and I published some of these prophecies. The KARIS Christian Magazines under reference are available online at for free download. I published both editions in 2011 and 2012 therefore, what I am saying is not make believe. As of seven years ago, no one foresaw the present distress on this scale.

1.      In KARIS Christian Magazine Edition titled “Sons of the Martyrs”, on page 8, is a prophecy titled PROPHETIC REVELATION OF THE NIGERIAN CHURCH. God showed Mrs. Victoria Adekoya of the Jury Ministry, the Nigerian Church as a woman bound with iron rod. The two arms were tied to her side with iron rod, not rope. God explained to Mama Adekoya that what has bound the Nigerian Church is Mammon and only the fire of affliction can cut the rod. With the two arms bound, the Church cannot take any action neither can it be effective.

2.      On page 9 of the same edition is another prophecy titled PROPHETIC DECLARATION TO NIGERIAN CHRISTIANS. I am not at liberty to mention the name of the man who received this revelation because I was told not to. Summary of the prophecy is that a large congregation was on a broad road and their leader, a very popular Church leader was walking ahead. Along the way, he suddenly lost his sight and veered off the road into the bush. The congregation dutifully followed. The deeper he entered into the bush, they kept following him. (None of them asked, “Why have we left the road?”) This is the Nigerian Church.

3.      In the KARIS Magazine Edition titled DRUGS: INVASION FROM HELL, on page 8 is another prophecy titled THE NIGERIAN CHURCH ON REBELLION COURSE by Sister Toun Praise of Ten Virgins Ministry. The prophecy released in 2009 indicated that God was about to pour out His fury on the Nigerian Church due to its betrayal of God. The prophecy indicated that the prayers of the saints “were worldly, powerless and of no avail”.

4.      On page 9 of this second edition was a prophecy by Pastor Isaac Ezeh titled, “It is time to proclaim REPENTANCE all over the land, as Nigeria enters a 7 year SEASON OF JUDGMENT”. The prophecy declared two things, one that Nigeria would go through a 7 year season of judgment from 2011 to 2018, and two that “a season of death” was coming upon the land.

It pleased the Lord to set an examination for the Nigerian Church before the expiration of the 7 year season of judgment. However, before setting the examination, God prepared His witnesses.

It should be pointed out, according to Watchman Nee, the highest principle in the universe is the vindication of God. In every situation, God must be vindicated that He is just, pure, and righteous, even when He permits severe judgment. Therefore, God prepared His witnesses to confirm that what the Most High is seeing in the Nigerian Church actually took place. (I should point out that this understanding came to me in February 2019. I did not understand this in 2018 even though I was given grace to be part of the process.)

For the first time since Christianity started in Nigeria, God called for the Christian Elders at the National level and made sure that they are from ALL the six geo-political Zones and represent ALL the five Blocs of CAN. In the OT as well as in NT, whenever issues get critical, God summons Elders, not priests and prophets. Elders seem to be very important to God such that even His throne room in heaven, He did not surround Himself with priests and prophets, but with the Elders.

In February 2014, God revealed He was going to call the Christian Elders in the land and by January 2015, He set them up. Apart from advocating for Democracy and Christianity, the Christian Elders were actually called to bear witness for God over the things the Most High has controversy with inside Nigerian Church. Unfortunately, rather than listen to the Elders, the Church continued “business as usual”.

If people would recall, 2018, (which was the 7th year of the season of judgment) was a very controversial year for the Nigerian Church as various allegations were raised and contested and denied in the Church. That was God pointing out areas of controversy which He wanted the Church to deal with. On the 7th year of the season of judgment, God set an examination for the Nigerian Church on Righteousness. Sadly, the Church failed.

The issues of contention of heaven with the Church include greed, covetousness, pride, stubbornness, nepotism, tribalism, fraud, conversion of funds, contention, hypocrisy, strife, and some others we do not see in the open. The expectation of God was for the Church to arise and pronounce judgment. I am persuaded that if the Church had done this, for the sake of the Church, the Lord would have pardoned Nigeria after the 7 year season of judgment and 2019 would have become commencement of restoration.

With His foreknowledge, God knew the Nigerian Church was not ready to defend righteousness and had already pointed out the spiritual factors that would affect 2019 election.

Sadly, rather than condemn evil in the Church, the Christians pampered it, indulged it, accommodated it and made excuses for it. The Nigerian Church sent a signal to Heaven that protecting its status quo was more important to it than defending the Holiness and Righteousness of God. The seven year season of judgment has ended but I perceive that another season of judgment has started. This one has no ending date. When the Nigerian Church has learnt righteousness, the affliction shall stop.

The question is,  how soon will Nigerian Church learn its lessons? Presently, Mammon remains a very strong influence in the Church.

In November 2016, while ministering during the National Prophetic Conference in Ibadan, I told the brethren, “the Nigerian Church is praying, the Nigerian Church is fasting, but the Nigerian Church is not repenting.” God is primarily not interested in the prayers and fasting, what He wants is repentance.

The first step in resolving the myriad of challenges facing the Church and the country is REPENTANCE. This repentance has to be led by an honest Christian leader with integrity before God and men. A lot of brethren are faithfully praying and fasting and even repenting, but God wants to see the leadership of the Church.
God deals with His people through their leaders. Because of David and Solomon, God prospered Israel and gave them victory and because of Manasseh, He destroyed the nation.
Leadership is very crucial in this season. Christians cannot afford any leadership that cannot stand before God in holiness and righteousness. It would only provoke God and Christians will suffer unnecessarily.

The starting point in resolving the crisis confronting the Church is genuine REPENTANCE. The Church must develop the Godly attitude of executing judgment on the unrighteous people in its midst. God does not want His Church to be permissive and indulgent. He wants His Church to be zealous and on fire for truth and righteousness. This is the example Jesus Christ gave us when he confronted the Pharisees and when he entered the temple and flogged those merchandising there. What is going on in the Nigerian Church surpasses mere merchandising. Nigerian Church must be zealous for truth and righteousness if it is going to contain the jihadists.

It is no use for Christians to complain, and condemn the evils outside the Church while they ignore and condone the evil inside the Church. You will only make God more angry.

Please let me assure you, because some people are worried about the Islamization threat. Some encouraging signals have come from Heaven:

1.      Nigeria will not be Islamized. This is not saying that they will not try to Islamize Nigeria. They will try and in the process of attempting it, a lot of damage will be done, but they will not succeed. God has said He will not hand over Nigeria to Islam.

2.      However, before containing Islam, God is going to deal with Nigerian Church and "bring it to its knees". The fire of affliction will be used to break that iron rod of Mammon that binds the Nigerian Church. Therefore, there is no reason why Christians should choose affliction over repentance. Repentance is painless and it is easy. Repent. Repent.

My counsel, let every Pastor make repentance, sanctification, and holiness major sermons from henceforth.
Let Church leaders gather and re-organize the Church in holiness and in righteousness.
Call a solemn assembly of righteous Christian leaders from the five Blocs and go to God in repentance.
If the repentance is genuine, God will hear and He will heal our land.

I would propose:

1. Daniel 9: 7 - 10 Confession and Repentance

2. Matt. 15: 13 – Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.
This should be the prayer for leadership in this season.

God bless you.

Your brother,

2nd July, 2019