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 24th December, 2019


Dear Sirs,

I chose to send this letter to you openly because of the rigors it might take to bring it personally to ALL of you. Please accept my apology for my inability to bring it personally


A few days ago, on 20th December, 2019 to be specific, I wrote a message to all Nigerian Christians titled NIGERIAN CHURCH ON REBELLION COURSE. It is a follow up of other publications that I have received grace to write to the Church.

As I was studying the Bible tonight, I got to Isaiah 32 and remembered that from verse 9 was part of the Word of God to some Church leaders in 1995 and they formed a group named COMMITTEE ON NATIONAL REPENTANCE, RECONCILIATION AND PRAYER MOBILIZATION FOR THE HEALING OF NIGERIA.
Members of that Committee were:

Bro. Emeka Nwankpa
Rev. E. Osakwe
Rev. (Dr) Moses Aransiola
Pastor Austin Ukachi

This group of Ministers organized A CALL FOR REPENTANCE, RECONCILIATION AND PRAYERS FOR THE NATION. On two separate occasions, some Christian leaders gathered from across the country for meetings on 14th June, and 16th June, 1995 at Redemption Camp, Lagos. This meeting led to the National Repentance and Reconciliation on 30th September, 1995 and 1st October, 1995.

Signatories to this CALL in 1995 were:

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Rev. (Dr) G. O. Farombi
Rt. Rev James Ukaegbu
Engr. Lanre Fakolade
Late Rev. (Dr) Moses Iloh
Rev. Panya Baba
Rev. Sule Onisemus
Rev. S. J. Akangbe
Bro. Emeka Nwankpa
Rev. Emmanuel Osakwe
Rev. (Dr) Moses Aransiola
Pastor Austen Ukachi

In 1995, Christian leaders organized as intercessors for the Church and for the land. They successfully averted terrible disasters that threatened the country. In 2019, the situation is much worse as confirmed by the disturbing evidence that some Church leaders are now part of the problems of the country.

Under the circumstances, there is the need for Christian leaders to re-convene the gathering of 1995; first for the repentance of the Priesthood and second, to organize repentance and intercession for the Church and the country. As I shared in the treatise on NIGERIAN CHURCH ON REBELLION COURSE, the Almighty God is not pleased with the condition of the Church. Consequently, He is permitting the hand of the enemy to be heavy on His people.

There is no way the group afflicting the Church could have become this powerful if God was pleased with His people. It is written, “When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” (Pro. 16: 7) That our enemies are not at peace with us signals that our ways are no longer pleasing to the Lord. There should be no controversy on this point.

With the degree of assaults and invasions on the Church, as well as infractions on liberty in the land, the Church cannot continue to operate “business as usual”. There is the need for re-organization of the structure as well as the processes of the Church. Granted, nothing concrete was done by the Church in over ten years of religious insurgency in the country, taking a step now is better late than never.

I am by this letter imploring the leaders of Christianity in Nigeria to re-enact their intervention of 1995 and bring healing to Nigeria. The Church remains the key to resolve the crises in the country even though it has misused its spiritual authority to empower the enemies of the Lord. With genuine repentance and wholehearted return to the Lord, healing and restoration shall come upon Nigeria.

Thank you, sir, for your kind consideration.

Your brother in Christ,
Bosun Emmanuel