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The Christian Evangelical Students Movement (CESM) represented by Rev. Reuben Ezemadu and The Remnants Fellowship, led by Mrs. Njideka Anyandike, are calling Nigerian Christians to immediate intercession for the country. According to the intercessors, a number of activities that have dire spiritual significance for the country and planned for the month of November, 2017. Details of the wake-up are as follows:

1.Fifty-six countries and nine states have indicated interest to participate in the one weeklong commemoration of FESTAC”77@40 beginning on Nov.6 in Lagos (and will end on November 11). “The objective of the festival is to seek and re-establish the culture and confidence of the black and African races" including a documentary on internalizing the spirit of FESTAC “77 (see attachment below).

2. All Africa Music Award Nov. 9-12 at Eko  with Bar Beach Waterfront Event on Friday, Nov.10, 8pm till dawn (can you imagine!).

In partnership with the AU, the 2017 All Africa Music Awards will hold in Lagos, Nigeria from November 9 - 12 with main events as follows: The Africa Music Business Roundtable (November 10), a platform for engagement on music, money and evolving business practices in the continent. Other events are the AFRIMA Music Village (November 10), an evening of non-stop open music festival of live performances from African stars and nominees, with an audience of 40,000 people, and the Main Awards Ceremony (November 12), a world-class event with live performances and television broadcast to 84 countries on 109 television stations around the world.

See for more details.

3. African Culture & Design Festival is also taking place Nov. 9 - 12. This is what one of my people sent to me:

Greetings Ma.  There's a group called Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN) of which am a member of but not committed in the past 2 years.  IDAN is a member of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Design. It so happened that Nigeria won the bid to host an international exhibition which was then called This is Africa. This exhibition is not only for African participants but global attendance.  It's meant to be a design exhibition as well as a African Culture & Design Festival starting on the 9th of Nov at federal palace hotel at 4pm - 7pm. On the 10th from 9.30 - 10pm would be various activities. On the 11th there will be functions at both federal palace and Eko Hotel.  There will also be a Chinese delegation!!!! In attendance.  On the 12th will also be functions both at Eko and Federal palace Hotels. For more informative info please check

Last year, God revealed to us when National Museum wanted to celebrate this same event. We prayed (I'm sure others prayed too) and all the big preparations collapsed. Obasanjo had wanted the last day of the celebration to fall on his "80?" birthday. Heaven cancelled it. OBJ still tried to hoodwink the diplomatic community (?!) to join him in a cultural festival, that was yet again canceled.

Two months ago, a cultural festival which would have been part-sponsored by Lagos State stopped abruptly due to lack of finance. That was another answered prayer. Jesus is alive in Nigeria. Hallelujah!!!

On August 1, 2014 God sent us to hold a program at the National Arts Theatre. Prior to that date, God gave us a revelation of OBJ dressed in golden attire and seated upon a throne at the National Theatre. We dethroned him and raised an altar to God there. THIS MUST NOT BE REVERSED.

In 2012 God had sent us to do prophetic actions in FESTAC Town and Tulip Hotel to vacate these same spirits. We raised altars of God in and outside of the Hotel and designated junctions in FESTAC. God will revive all the righteous altars set up in His name this season and make them utter their voices against the enemy.

I'm giving these information: 1. To inform - more sharing of info will help each of us to get the full picture as well as get more hands on the job

2. To encourage us that God has not forsaken us and

3. Call for more collaboration among Christians - a Coalition of Watchmen and Market Place Apostles should be advanced aggressively now to have all Watchmen, Market Place Apostles and Church leaders working together to take over this land for Jesus. We need a critical mass to achieve this. Many older groups need fresh infusion from the new teams that the Lord is raising.

I am aware that the recent dealings with the idols in this land late last year has caused the incessant quest by satanic gatekeepers to renew their powers. It has been failing and MUST CONTINUE TO FAIL IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

It will be marvelous if everybody will send their team members to these events to do the needful, apart from praying.

To the glory of God, Bonnke's African crusade to be held in Lagos Nov. 8-12 couldn't have come at a better time. It will encompass these idolatrous ones and crush them.  

"Shout, for the Lord has given us the land!" - Joshua 6:16

God bless you 

The Remnants

The CESM also continued, as follows:

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I commend your unrelenting efforts to stand in the gap for our dear Nation - Nigeria - and to ensure that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers Nigeria as the waters cover the sea and to enthrone the Lord Jesus Christ over the affairs of our Nation so that Nigeria will fulfill the divine mandate she has by being the country that harbours the largest concentration of the Black race in the whole world. Of course we know that it is because of this strategic role that our beloved Nation has to play in the end time move of God that the enemy has been battling for her soul all this while. To contend with those forces arrayed against our Nation and her destined role in God's agenda, the Lord raised the intercessory and Kingdom-focused ministries as championed by the Christian Students (now Evangelical) Social Movement (CESM) the same year that the borders and sanctuaries of our Nation were opened wide to the invasion of strange gods and ancient ungodly foundations through the hosting of the first World Blacks and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. 

During the 2016 National Prayer Conference (December 28, 2016 - January 1, 2017) which incidentally was the 39th Anniversary of the CESM and in preparation for this year's 40th Anniversary of the inception of the CESM, the Lord reminded us about the significance of this year in that battle for the soul of our Nation which He initiated 40 years ago. It was also at this meeting that the Lord revealed the significance of the venue of the that pre-40th Anniversary Conference which is located at eastern end of the Amuwo-Odofin - FESTAC link Bridge and adjacent to the former Durbar Hotel (now Golden Tulip Hotel), two significant symbols and landmarks of FESTAC 77. It was also hinted that there was a plan by some groups to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "FESTAC 77".  Just two days ago, the full details of this plan were released as per the attached document, with this statement:

Fifty-six countries and nine states have indicated interest to participate in the one weeklong commemoration of FESTAC”77@40 beginning on Nov.6 in Lagos (and will end on November 11). “The objective of the festival is to seek and re-establish the culture and confidence of the black and African races" including a documentary on internalizing the spirit of FESTAC “77.

Incidentally, the CESM Executive Committee met at Amuwo-Odofin axis two weekends ago to begin the final preparation of the CESM 40th Anniversary which is holding in Asaba, Delta State from 28th December, 2017 to January 1st, 2018. With the release of the FESTAC 77 @ 40 programme and agenda, I have the feeling that we would need to take some prophetic actions in the eve of the kick-off of their programme at that venue the Lord revealed to us last December as being strategic to the contention for the soul of our Nation vis-à-vis "the spirit of FESTAC '77"

If our Chairman of the CESM approves, will it be possible that those of us who can afford to be present to gather at the HAC Gateway Cathedral, Link-Bridge (Amuwo-Odofin - FESTAC) late afternoon/early evening of Sunday, November 5 to make the prophetic utterances and some prophetic actions to counter the internalization of the spirit of FESTAC '77 and to neutralize every effort to revive what is already dead before the activities kick-off on Monday, November 6? For those who cannot make it to the strategic venue, some actions can be arranged as convenient at homes, places of worship, fellowship centers, etc, that Sunday, November 5 so that the invading spirits and the invocations that are going to be made during their weeklong activities will have no space to dock in the realm that covers Nigeria.

I am going to follow-up this e-mail message with some phone calls to some of us, while I will request that we forward this message and the attachment to as many Believers and serious-minded watchers over our Nation to be aware and to participate in anyway they can in this significant battle-setting that will determine where our Nation goes from now, bearing in mind the consequences of that 1977 episode that brought us to where we are today.


Reuben Ezemadu

International Director, CMF Inc

Continental Coordinator, MANI

+234 803 322 4844

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: reubenez2006


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